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James IV Update: Yesterday, the doctors moved James to a By-PAP machine, which is a mask he has to wear on his face. Right now, he is sedated. The purpose of the By-PAP machine is to help his lung function and to open up his right lung. After the heart transplant surgery, James’ right lung did not open fully. This By-PAP machine seems to be helping. Please continue to pray for continued opening in James’ right lung.

His heart function is doing great and has shown 0 signs of rejection- which is a huge praise!

If you would like to keep up with baby James and his journey, his family has created a Facebook page to keep everyone informed. Be sure to ‘Like’ his page for daily updates. Click here to view James’ Facebook page.

Yesterday evening, I had full intentions of sharing some photos from our Memorial Day weekend with you all. But… I’m tired and haven’t had time to edit/sift through all of the photos. Besides, I’ve been swamped with my day-to-day tasks, Chevvy & Ron’s orders, and picking up on our house renovations – to say that I’m exhausted is an understatement. Tomorrow, I promise!

In the meantime (while I was uploading photos from our trip), I found these gems from last summer about this time. Since James is in my thoughts and prayers continuously, I thought they were suiting to share. Enjoy!

james-dayatthepool jamesy-053013

Boy oh boy, James was so young! It’s so amazing to see the Lord work through such a little tyke. James is a constant reminder (to us) that our God works miracles and is the ultimate Healer.


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