bacon + eggs with flair

A twist on a classic, it’s bacon and eggs with flair! I mentioned that a friend so generously shared her pasture fed, organic eggs from White Oak Pastures with us last week. With a wholesome dozen in our fridge,  I knew I must find a healthy and delicious recipe to use these brown beauties. After another blogger I follow shared this recipe of what she calls a deconstructed omelette, I opted eggs for dinner.


I altered this recipe a bit, with the same general concept. Instead of “regular” bacon, I used turkey bacon and baked it. For this recipe, I only needed two slices of bacon – but I made a few extra slices for BLTs later this week.


The evening this bacon and egg combo was featured on our dinner plates, we actually had my in-laws over. It was a hit around the table and is definitely a new favorite.

  • Step 1, bake (or fry) the bacon. We baked ours at 325° for 25 minutes. I like my bacon crispy!
  • Step 2, bake the asparagus with drizzled olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. (Same temperature for about the same time.)
  • Step 3, fry the eggs (with salt + pepper) about 5 minutes before the bacon and asparagus is complete.

Serve and enjoy!

We enjoyed with a side of zucchini, but as Lesley suggested – it would be great with avocado too.


As odd as this combo may seem, it’s delicious, easy, and healthy – win, win, & win!

I like my eggs over easy. It’s my absolute favorite way to eat eggs. Unlike Maggie Carpenter, I do not like eggs Benedict. (I couldn’t talk about eggs and not make a Runaway Bride reference.) But, I’ll eat them scrambled… and fried. How do you like your eggs? Over asparagus? With bacon and grits?


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