the island, before + after

You may remember this post, where I asked your opinions on which color I should paint our cabinets? After many comments and suggestions, I took the plunge and painted the cabinets navajo white – a Benjamin Moore color, but in Valspar Paints.

As much as I love the creamy, warm color – it was just too much, especially once we put the island into place. Maybe it was an overload of the color? Maybe it was the too matchy-matchy with our granite choice? Either way, it was too much of something. So a week or so ago, I snagged a few (like 10+) miscellaneous swatches of grays, browns, and blacks – all colors I found in our speckled granite. With the swatches in hand, I got a different opinion from everyone. Teresa liked the ebony field. Justin voted for the blackstrap. Barry favored the deep earth. Lisa liked the sable calm. Trevin picked the cracked pepper. And I favored the semi-sweet. Sheeze, that’s a lot of swatches and a lot of suggestions. Case in point, I never need options or lots of choices. Just pick for me – food, colors, faucets, anything really – and I’ll learn to love it.


After much consideration and frustration at making another decision, I went to Lowe’s to make my purchase. As I patiently waited my turn at the paint station, with each swatch in hand – I just couldn’t decide. (Brace yourself, I’m a bit dramatic.) The second I said, “semi-sweet,” I changed my mine. I snatched the swatch back and quickly handed the man another swatch, phantom mist. This is the one, I’m sure.

You may have noticed that phantom mist wasn’t even a suggestion I’d gotten. It wasn’t even a favorite of mine, or Justin either. It was just a last minute, gut decision and… surprise, surprise I made it on my own. Did I doubt myself? Yes, but only for a second and I was quickly told he’d already begun to mix it. Obviously there was no going back at that point, so phantom mist is the winner! Doubt or no doubt, it was my decision and it was a solid one in the end.

So without further ado, here are a few before and after photos. Please excuse the mess!


Now, I’m happy to say that the cabinet doors are on and I’ve been organizing our kitchen knick-knacks. As soon as the knobs are on and I’ve cleaned the place up a bit – I’ll share some photos of the entire kitchen. But… what do you think? A pretty solid decision? A renovation faux pas? Please tell!


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