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Less of an Instagram recap and more of an iPhone dump, but nonetheless here is a recap of our last seven or so days.

Surprisingly, we managed to stay in town for the past week and really take advantage of our local surroundings! Last Tuesday, the fair came to town. As leery as the crowds may be at times (we have “gang-initiation nights”), we decided to go with a group of friends!

Nothing dramatic happened, but Teal and I did take home two goldfish – which died in less than 10 hours, sad. I totally skipped out on rides this year; seeing as the last two years ended with me puking, I thought it was a good idea. And we couldn’t leave without deep-fried, sugar-coated Snicker bars! All in all, it was a good night.


On Saturday, we joined the McBrides for a night with the Pickup Man himself – Joe Diffie. He surprised us all by still rocking his mullet and belting out the tunes to all 10 of his 90s hits. Although I must admit, my favorite part of the concert was whenever he jammed out to Jason Aldean’s 1994 and the crowd went wild! (For those non-Country music fans, 1994 is a hit all about Joe Diffie.)


With both of us off work for Veterans Day, Justin and I decided to make a day trip to the nearby city of Lumpkin, Georgia – home of the Little Grand Canyon. We hiked the 3 mile trail and were able to see all 9 of the canyons. The beautiful, fall weather made the trip and hike perfect!


Other photos from our week,


With the crisp fall weather, it’s the perfect time for bonfires and s’mores! We spent one evening with the McBrides around the bonfire. Fall is definitely a favorite time of year for us!

Joe Diffie shaking hands of fans, as the crowd chanted his name. It was pretty much priceless.

On Monday, we spent our afternoon riding around Pinewood Plantation – searching for deer and picking sunflowers. It was a nice way to spend a Monday!

How did you spend your week/weekend?


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