This week’s Sunday school lesson was on despair and it couldn’t have hit more at home. Over the last few days, I’ve been there – in a moment of despair, where the only thing left to do is put my faith in the Lord. A rut of sorrow, pity, and sadness consumed my life for a few days and it was in that moment of weakness the Lord picked me up and gave me hope.

With examples like John the Baptist, Elijah, and Jeremiah, I was reminded that sometimes it takes a moment of despair for us to hear His voice. Sometimes it takes weakness and falling into a pit of despair to see the Lord. In Job’s desperation, he cried out to the Lord – I’ve always heard You, but now I see You! That couldn’t be more true for my situation over the last few days – but for all of us, in each moment of despair.


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If life was always easy and full of mountain top experiences, there would be no reason to fully rely on Christ. One thing that John the Baptist, Elijah, and Jeremiah all had in common was an experience (or lifetime) of despair, but it was the way they followed in obedience that makes them great examples. So as I face my weakness and fight through my despair, sorrow, and sadness, I’ve decided to let these moments make me more like Him. I want the Lord to use me.


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