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After fighting a stomach bug last week and a bit of an emotional roller coaster the week before, I was eager for a relaxing weekend. And I’m not sure about you, but for me to relax I must not be near my house or I’ll find myself doing wifely things… like laundry, picking up, dishes, etc. To truly relax, I must getaway!

Justin (and the Glows) made it happen! Friday night, we hit the road to Eufaula, Alabama for a couple nights on the lake. With the weather forecast promising sunshine and clear skies, we made plans to spend Saturday soaking up some Vitamin D and fishing.



We couldn’t leave our weekend retreat without a group shot or Justin ruining a photo op or two. It’s amazing how much happiness he gets from ruining a picture!


And what would a trip be without a few, awkward family photos?



Overall, our weekend getaway was perfect and exactly what I needed. Plus, we made it home on Sunday afternoon in time to knock-out a few more home projects. Win, win!

How do you prefer to spend a relaxing weekend?


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