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Back in February, I shared how we’d introduced and embraced essential oils into our home. Since then, I’ve had several of you inquire about them, specifically about how I use the oils with Joy Belle and which oils are safe for babies. To be honest with you, I was a bit leery of the oils in the beginning, especially when it came to using them on my baby. However now, they are my go-to whenever she’s cranky, sleepy, teething, or has a bruise, scratch, or bug bite.

As I started making notes on my baby oil collection, I realized I could write a book on all of the oils, blends, and uses. So I decided to share a peek at my collection, along with a brief summary of uses, and will share more about the oils, blends, and uses in more detail later.


Pictured are the oils I used most with Joy Belle, always diluted!

  • Cedarwood is one of my favorites to diffuse around the house and in her nursery. It’s woodsy and warm aroma creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Joy Belle isn’t a great sleeper, so I love to add a drop of oil to her sheets and diffuse this oil at night.
  • Copaiba is our teething go-to. It’s used to aid in physical discomfort and can be applied directly to her gums. You can dilute this with coconut oil.
  • DiGize™ is probably our least used of the oils mentioned here, but is great for tummy aches.
  • Gentle Baby™ is probably my favorite blend – for me and Joy Belle. It’s designed specifically for mothers and babies. For us, I use it whenever Joy Belle is restless or upset. Added bonus, it’s helps calm my emotions postpartum and balance my hormones while nursing.
  • Joy™ is a favorite to diffuse in her nursery or our living room while Joy Belle is playing. It’s blend of oils aids in uplifting spirits and creating a joyous atmosphere.
  • Lavender is perfect for soothing, calming, and relaxing. We use it on the bottoms of Joy Belle’s feet before bed (see here). It’s perfect for bruises, scratches, and bug bites, diluted with coconut oil.
  • Lemon is great for cleansing. I add a couple of drops to a load of Joy Belle’s dirty diapers. (We cloth diaper.) Plus, I diffuse it with Lavender and Peppermint whenever her allergies are acting up.
  • Orange helps with digestion and relaxing. I’ve recently started diluting it with coconut oil and rubbing it on Joy Belle’s tummy whenever she’s gassy.
  • Peace & Calming® is a blend of oils designed to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. I dilute this oil and apply it to the bottoms of Joy Belle’s feet to encourage a good night’s rest and to help release muscle tension in her feet.
  • Purification® is an oil blend that is self-explanatory. A couple of drops freshens laundry, so I add a couple of drops to a load of her diapers and to cotton balls, I keep in the bottom of her diaper pail.
  • R.C.™ helps with congestion. We fortunately don’t need to use R.C.™ often, but over the winter months it helped tremendously with her cough. Whenever she’s congested, I diffuse it and apply it to the bottoms of her feet, diluted.
  • Thieves® (not pictured) supports a healthy immune system, which is why I diffuse it anytime we will be around lots of people. I take preventative action by diffusing Thieves® before company comes over, if we’re going to the park or playground, and when Joy Belle is around lots of other children.

As my baby oil collection continues to grow and I continue finding new oils and blends that work for us, I promise to share more. We are definitely still newbies when it comes to our oily journey, but I want to use the knowledge I’ve learned to help others along the way.

If you are interested in signing up as a wholesale distributor (this does not mean you have to sell anything!), a retail customer, or just learning more about essential oils, you can read more here.

Please note that all suggestions are of my own opinion and specific to Young Living essential oils. My statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. In no way am I suggesting that these oils will cure, alleviate, treat, prevent, or diagnose a disease, symptom, or injury. Please do not replace your current prescriptions or OTC medications based on the information provided on this blog. Keep out of reach of children.

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