let’s name this baby!

I am 37 weeks pregnant, with a scheduled c-section date of Friday, September 14th and this baby girl still has no name. We are only TWO WEEKS away from meeting her! If you remember from my pregnancy with Britt Colby, he was nameless until the day he was born. Because of that, I swore up and down that this baby would be named long ago… but here we are again.

It’s so hard to name a child. I mean, this is their name for the rest of their life. That’s pressure, people! So, I jokingly made this little letter board to explain our predicament.

I get asked all of the time, “Do you really not have a name for this baby?” The answer, yes. We really do not have a name for this baby. We have several options that we really like and fit all of my criteria. (Meaningful and a family name. We can’t just put names on the table that we “just like” because what if we “just don’t like” them in a few months or years.)

I just knew months ago that we’d have a name chosen for her. But, we will take our few options to the hospital and I’m praying that she looks like one of them! Maybe, just maybe one of these names will fit her little face.

Until then, I’m enjoying all of your suggestions over on Instagram and Facebook.

Here are a few outtakes. I hope you enjoy!

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