kaitlin’s shower

A mere two years ago, this friend of ours first introduced us to Kaitlin. After a few double dates, a trip to north Georgia, and ringing in the 2012 new year together – we fell in love with Kaitlin, while watching Kyle fall fast for this lovely lady, too. On April 28, 2012 – one week before our big day – Kaitlin and Kyle tied the knot in her hometown of Andalusia, Alabama.

With so much going on this summer, Mrs. Teresa and I hosted a post-wedding, bridal shower for Kaitlin and Kyle. Below our photos from the shower,

We used some of the mix ‘n’ match china from our wedding for a tea party, with brunch. (Although I must confess, we were sipping on fresh, brewed coffee.)

“S” is for Mr. and Mrs. Stoner – congratulations to the newlyweds!

Above is the beautiful bride, Kaitlin with her sweet mother and sister. (Left to right. Kaitlin, Laura, & Morgan)

Initially, we asked each guest to write marital advice for Kaitlin. With the handwritten notes, I compiled them into a book for Kaitlin to take home.

Prior to the shower, I sent a list of fill-in-the-blank sentences and questions to Kyle, the groom. With his answers, we played a game of “How well do you know the Stoners?” to break the ice.

Below are a few of the questions,

The Groom loves it when the Bride says _____________, because _______________.
The Groom’s favorite activity to do with the Bride is _______________.
The Groom’s favorite place to  be with the Bride is ________________.
The Groom’s favorite thing about the Bride is ______________.
The Groom likes it when he comes over and the Bride is _______________.
The Groom likes it when the Bride wears _______________. (i.e. dress & boots, t-shirt & jeans, etc.)
What date did Groom propose to Bride?
The Groom is how many inches taller/shorter than the Bride?
The Groom’s favorite color is ________________.
The Bride’s favorite color is ______________.
The Groom’s nickname for the Bride is _______________.
The Bride’s nickname for the Groom is ________________.

I can’t take credit, my sister actually created the questions/game for my bachelorette trip with my girlfriends. Any get to know the bride/groom game would be a great ice-breaker for a shower. However, I suggest modifying the questions above to the couple – and maybe including a prize for who answers the most questions correctly.

Kyle and Kaitlin, we couldn’t be happier for the two of you. Together, we wish you many years of love, happiness, excitement, and oneness with Christ.

congratulations and lots of love,
the newlyweds
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