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As usual, it’s Tuesday and I’m just getting around to our weekly, Instagram recap. In my defense (I’ve always got an excuse!), it was a national holiday – so I’m definitely off the hook, right?

1| Last week, I mentioned trying a new recipe for chubby, chicken taquitos. They were delicious! Unfortunately, I got carried away with the frying portion that I completely forgot a side… Ole well. Justin enjoyed them either way.
2| Later in the week, we had a date night to Harvest Moon. It’s a local favorite, but we often avoid it because of the crowds. Either way, our food was delicious and the company was good. (I’m a big fan of tots!)
3| After dinner on Saturday, we met the McBrides at Freeze for some frozen yogurt. All of us girls were rockin’ our fringe booties, so we had to take a footie picture to capture the moment.
4| On Sunday, Justin and I took an afternoon walk to soak up the pretty weather.
5| Sadly, the rest of our afternoon was spent watching the Atlanta Falcons throw the NFC Championship out the window! It was a sad way to end a winning season and for me, heartbreaking to watch Tony Gonzalez take the loss. Although they didn’t play to win, I had my heart set on them being Superbowl champs.
6| Monday was a national holiday, MLK Jr. Day. So, we spent the morning getting things done and the afternoon riding. As it turns out, the River Walk spans from downtown Albany to the boat ramp near our apartment. My 3rd official ride on my new bike and Justin though the Flint River Trail would be a breeze for me. Wrong! Okay, maybe not too difficult – but let’s just say I got stumped. Literally.

7| Let me tell you exactly what happened…

We were just riding along and enjoying the sites, whenever I noticed a tree lying in the pathway up ahead. Since I’d hopped on over similar trees at Chehaw Park, I figured I’d just watch Justin and follow his lead. As I picked up speed and prepared to go over the tree, my bike stopped. I don’t mean I hit the brakes, I mean the bike hit the tree and just stopped! In order to keep from flying over the handlebars and face planting, I sat back in my seat… Only to topple over just as quickly. From there, the tears streamed down my cheeks – not only was I beaten and bruised, my ego had taken a stumble too. Here I am – suppose to be dominating this trail and instead I’m laying on the ground, covered in dirt, leaves, and twigs. In reality, my ankle was throbbing and swelling faster than I could have ever imagined, plus my knee and thigh were pretty sore. It didn’t take long to assess the situation and replace my crying with laughter. Unfortunately, I’m still pretty bruised and sore.


8| During our casual ride (pre-accident), I discovered parts of Albany, GA that were new to me. For instance, the Ray Charles Plaza – it’s so great! Not only does it document part of Albany’s history, but it plays some of Ray Charles’ hits too.

9| This bridge was another discovery that caught my eye. It was so unique, I couldn’t help but snap a quick pic.

For Tuesday, that’s all I’ve got! I hope you enjoy your short work week. Don’t work too hard, because I’ll be busy – working hard enough for us both.

Oh yes, one more thing – congratulations to this handsome guy on his recent engagement! We couldn’t be happier for you, Justin G.!

happy Tuesday, friends,
the Heapes
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