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In the last week, Justin and I have packed, moved, and celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Talk about a milestone week! Obviously with so much happening, I’ve been all over the board with my Instagram pictures. To fill you in on most of the recent happenings, here is a week in the life of a Heape through Instagram photos.

1 / While packing, there was some purging going down. Guess? Did the high school cap make the it? Or was it trashed?
2 / Adios, Marsh Landings! See ya, apartment living.
3 / The packing, moving, and cleaning crew after our big move.
4 / Filled our home with blessings, prayers, and scripture!


5 / Last week I was channeling my inner, Indian heritage.
6 / New, shower faucets and gadgets – check.
7 / Our neighbor lady and friend stopped by on her lawn mower to say, Hello!
8 / My honey mowing our first yard.
9 / Last details on the shower, glass is in!(More on this to come.)

Linking up with this lovely lady, just because I liked her weekend recap post.

In case you missed it, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary this weekend! What did you do?


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