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A little foreword and update on our lives lately…

Justin and I consider ourselves extremely blessed. We’ve got our salvation, each other, good health, family, and an abundance of worldly possessions that make life fairly simple. We do not take our blessings for granted and thank the Lord daily for all He has provided. To say He has blessed us beyond measure is an understatement.

With that said, He has been and continues to do amazing and powerful things in our lives! Last week, after months of prayer, Justin was offered a promotion inside his workplace. His boss saw potential and dedication in Justin and offered him a position that he can continue to grow within the company. Not only was it a boost of confidence and an answer to prayer, but yet another blessing.

Later the same week, Justin was approached about purchasing a truck. Not a necessity, but definitely something that we’d been looking into for awhile – over a year to be exact. For a couple of years, Justin has driven a two-door, manual Jeep. It was fun in the spring months, but annoying to work with daily. Mostly because I could never drive the darn thing, but also because it’s hard to ever have any extra passengers. Not only was this truck what we’d been looking for, but the trade-in value offered on the Jeep was more than we could’ve imagined. Again, another blessing! We took the offer and Justin is now happily driving a new-to-us truck.

And both of those blessings came after spending the Thanksgiving holidays with our families and being reminded of all we have to be thankful for. He is good and His love is everlasting! It is because of that good news, that I had to share the abundance amount of love we’ve felt over the last few weeks!

On Veterans Day, Justin and I decided to make a day trip to the nearby city of Lumpkin, Georgia – home of the Little Grand Canyon. We hiked the 3 mile trail and were able to see all 9 of the canyons. The beautiful, fall weather made the trip and hike perfect! Since I hadn’t shared any of the lovely photos from our afternoon date, I thought now would be a great time to do so.


Can you find Justin?




Apparently the farmers began abandoning vehicles and the area whenever the canyons began forming. Because of this, there are vehicles demolished by nature throughout the trails.

littlegrand-05 littlegrand-06

Please excuse my wee-little ponytail. A ponytail is not a very flattering look for me, since I chopped my locks off.

We had a wonderful, afternoon date and were so excited to discover this “little” secret in southwest Georgia. If you are ever in the Lumpkin, GA area or near Albany, it’s worth a trip.

Happy Friday, friends!


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