it’s liz’s birthday

Some of you may know, Liz (if you don’t… you should!) from that weekend in Foley Beach or that time we assembled 100s of invitations; yea, she’s pretty awesome. I met Liz in Savannah (according to the Book of Face, that would be December 2010) and she made my time in Savannah incredible. She’s not only beautiful, but a great friend, the best hostess, hilarious, darn good cook, and phenomenal generally. And… it just so happens today is Liz’s birthday! A special thank you to Kelly Solomon for this super sweet lady, without her my life wouldn’t be the same.

To celebrate, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things about Liz and reasons I love her. (Brace yourself, Liz and get prepared to laugh!) Please note: these are in no particular order, other than the order they came to mind.

  • memorable St. Patrick’s Days, from early mornings to loosing iPhones to barging into old lady’s apartments, the list could go on
  • walks with Lola
  • Sunday afternoons at Social
  • spontaneous, midnight Haunted Hearst Tour
  • hours of the Casey Anthony Trial and seriously contemplating driving to Flordia to watch it live
  • many, many networking socials (even in the rain!)
  • the weekend we met Lanier, aka Taylor Swift
  • the awesome shower you (& others) hosted for me
  • incredibly scary, possibly life-threatening cab rides
  • numerous beach days on Tybee
  • late night karaoke
  • laughing, talking/yelling, and crying on your couch
  • Julie demonstrating how she’d be doing laundry in Atlanta
  • the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
  • sushi dinners
  • game nights
  • our last dinner at the Rocks on the Roof, where we may have both cried
  • the weekend Bethany and BR visited
  • teaching me how to make Nini’s… forever grateful
  • meeting that random, Disney star
  • all the wonderful dinner parties you hosted
  • the hours of Kevin Hart comedy
  • helping me pack by throwing everything in the box with hangers & labeling the boxes, “what were you thinking?” and “clothes from high school”
  • my last week in Savannah, you helped me survive and we managed to eat at all of my favorite spots = success
  • tying 100+ pieces of twine around each of my wedding invitations, only a true, really awesome friend would do that
  • teaching me how to cook broccoli the Schorr way – which is now a Heape home favorite
  • our night out on the town with Lindsay
  • when my bags were packed, the car loaded, & I had no where to go on my last day in town… you made it A.O.K. as we lounged on the beach, watched Bobby fish, & reminisced on all the good times

For more posts about Liz, you can click here, here, here, or here.

Just a few more for fun… according to Facebook:

we have been friends since December 2010
we’ve attended the Savannah Craft Brew Fest and Bon Voyage Sam Evans You Won’t Be Missed together
we have 56 mutual friends
we share 10 common interests


I miss you, Liz! You and your mister. I hope your special day is at least half as awesome as you are! Please celebrate your birthday like it’s 2 AM, we’re at Wild Wings, and Bobby doesn’t know we just ordered a round of jager bombs – because that would never happen!

I love you, friend. Happy Birthday, Liz!

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